Pink Bean

Arguably the most bizarre boss in the game. For once being the most powerful boss in Maple, Pink Bean sure doesn’t look it. This pink Pokemo- I mean monster,  is still a considerable challenge today.

As with most other major bosses, the Pink Bean fight is broken up into multiple phases. Six of them in fact.

Before anything though, you have to do the most annoying and tedious part of the Pink Bean expedition… the pre-quest. And you have to do it every. single. time.

The quest requires you to complete all the 999 kill quests from the Temple Keeper in Temple of Time. After that you have to collect 10 of each mask and 1 of each boss etc from the Temple of Time monsters (this is the part you have to repeat every time.) Temple Keeper will give you a Chaos Marble which will finally allow you to fight Pink Bean.

With all that tedious rubbish done, onto the actual fight!


The Pink Bean Boss Fight

Time Limit: 60 minutes.

Total HP: 7,650,000,000  (effectively 9,750,000,000)

Recommended level: 180+

It is advised that you take at least one full party. You need to be quite strong to kill it with less.


Phase 1

Left Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Upon entering, you’ll see an NPC towards the middle of the room. Approach the NPC and speak to it. This will begin the battle. Shortly after, the first statue will activate on the far left. This statue is Solomon the Wise, but I will refer to it simply as the Left Wiseman. This is the least dangerous statue, with only weak magic attacks and hp1/mp1. Kill it to progress to phase 2.


Phase 2

Left Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Right Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

After the left Wiseman dies, there will be a brief pause in the fight and then it’ll respawn. But it will be accompanied by Rex the Wise (Right Wiseman) which, obviously enough, is on the far right. The Right Wiseman occasionally dispels (it has a massive cooldown though) and casts reverse keys. Plus the usual weak magic attacks. None of the statues differ between phases, so the Left Wiseman is identical to phase 1.


Phase 3

Left Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Right Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Left Bird Statue: 450,000,000HP

The first phase where death is likely to occur (but entirely avoidable!) Both Wisemen respawn after a brief pause, and they are joined this time by Hugin, which is the Left Bird Statue. Hugin has a wide variety of attacks, all of which can be completely nullified by simply not getting too close. Standing on the left side of the Left Wiseman, you can actually hit the Bird Statue without it doing anything at all. Easiest for ranged obviously but doable for some melee classes too, notably Dark Knights.

If you aren’t ranged, simply inch your way closer to it while jump attacking (the Statues hit box is larger at jump height) until you are able to hit. If you get too close, it’ll cast a very powerful Damage Reflect dealing up to 33,330 damage. It can also lock your skills, but as long as you keep out of range this will never happen. Rather a flawed boss don’t you think?


Phase 4

Left Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Right Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Left Bird Statue: 450,000,000HP

Right Bird Statue: 450,000,000HP

Things begin to get serious with this stage, not only do you have the prior 3 statues to deal with once again, but by far the most dangerous statue is now active. Munin (Right Bird) shares the same weakness as its brother. However this one should be attacked from the right side, exact same method, do it correctly and it will never do anything. But if you get too close, the whole run will likely end right here.

This statue has mass seduce, a very very long mass seduce. If you get hit by it, you’ll more than likely die (unless you’re a Paladin! You immortal gods.) Due to the threat of seduce, you should begin this stage on the right side, so as to avoid EVER being hit by it. With all that said, just keep your distance and this phase will cause little trouble.


Phase 5

Left Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Right Wiseman: 300,000,000HP

Left Bird Statue: 450,000,000HP

Right Bird Statue: 450,000,000HP

Ariel: 600,000,000HP

The final stage before the Bean itself, all five statues are active. As with stage 4, you should begin on the right. All four prior statues function exactly the same as they have for the rest of the battle. So as before, start on the right and eliminate both the right Wiseman and Bird Statue. Proceed to the left and do the same to the other two. All the while remembering to keep out of range of the Bird Statues. Finally that will leave the middle statue, Ariel.

Ariel has dispel (with a long cooldown.) Weapon and Magic damage cancel, a weak heal, zombify (careful bishops!) and a significantly higher magic damage than the other statues. Reaching about 13k (with zero def, far lower with the def you should have at this level.)

Some classes with poor vertical range cannot hit Ariel from the top platform, instead stand on Pink Beans throne and jump attack. Ranged classes will not have this issue.

Ariel should fall with very little trouble, and once she does, the big bad Bean comes out to play.


Phase 6

Pink Bean: 2,100,000,000HP (resists everything including physical, effectively 4,200,000,000HP)

The most adorable blob of pink jelly has finally stepped into the ring and he’s most unhappy about you breaking his precious statues.

This phase is where you can and will fail. Pink Bean is extremely lethal and requires a prepared party to actually defeat. You should have 1 Warrior with magic crash or this part of the fight will be extremely difficult to finish in time.

First off, Pink Bean has a large array of abilities, but he can only use some of them when facing left, and the rest when facing right.

When facing left, he repeatedly hits you with stun and seduce. When facing right, he will hp1/mp1 and skill lock constantly. So pick whichever you’d rather deal with and go with it, though I strongly suggest you make him face right. He will also cast zombify frequently, so it’s advised that bishops do not heal at all during this phase.

The big threat about Pink Bean however, is his exceedingly powerful Damage reflect. Like the Left Bird Statue, this one also hits up to 33,330. Unlike the Statue however, you’re far more likely to die to this one. Pink Bean casts the first Damage Reflect at 90% hp (about 2.5 buff icons length into his health bar.) His Damage Reflect has a 43 second cooldown, so someone in your party (preferably the Warrior with Magic Crash) needs to keep track of it.

Use the first Crash at 91-92% HP and take note of the time he attempts to cast it. Subtract 40 seconds from that time and that is the time you should stop attacking for the next Damage reflect.

So as an example, say you get Pink Bean down to 92% HP. You cast Crash then in preparation for Damage Reflect at 90% HP. When he attempts to cast it, take note of the time, say 42:30. Subtract 40 seconds: 41:50. That’s the time you stop attacking. Wait for him to cast it again and take note of the time once more. You can only Crash every second Damage Reflect however.

Bear in mind, 43 seconds is just the cooldown, he wont necessarily cast it straight away. It merely means that he CAN cast it. So continuing the example, he casts it again at 41:46, you subtract another 40, making it 41:06. Crash a few seconds before that to block the next one. Repeat the cycle until Pink Bean falls.

On top of that, he will also frequently summon large numbers of mini-Beans (with propeller hats!) These cast Weapon cancel almost immediately, obscure your view of Pink Bean (making it harder to see Damage Reflect) and just simply get in the way, they are no threat on their own.

Pink bean has a considerable amount of HP with resistances to everything, so he will take a fair while to bring down (unless you’re godly, in which case you’ve probably killed it before anyway!) Timing Damage Reflect takes a bit of practice and focus, but its the only major threat Pink Bean has. Once you get that down, he isn’t too bad. Do all this before the time limit and enjoy your victory!

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