A personal fave of mine and most pally’s out there I’m sure, with 4th job Pianus is a total joke now. I can personally take it down in 15 minutes alone, without apples. A decent (full) party can expect to take one down in 5 mins easily.

Boss info: Pretty simple really, all you need is the minimum HP and at least one person who can do 10k+ every hit (Dark Knights and Heroes are excellent for this). The reason for this is because Pianus summons bombs which will explode when their hp is between 1 and 5000, dealing around 10k damage to anyone nearby, ouch. Not nearly as dangerous as it sounds though.

Aside from that, Pianus has all the typical attacks you’d expect: a big beam dealing 3700~ (left) or 4700~ (right), avoidable 10t weights that drop down dealing the same damage as the beam and of course, HP 1 MP 1. It can also cast physical and magic immunity (far too frequently if you ask me…). It can also dispel and lock skills, though the right side will only do this if someone is standing behind it (in it). If you’ve been wondering what I mean by (left) and (right), two Pianus (Pianii?) can spawn in the same map, obviously on the left and right side. Though similar, they have several differences: The left one has lower attack, hp and defence. But dispels and locks skills far far more often. It also gives around 300k less exp than the right one.

Left Side: 24,000,000HP    Right Side: 30,000,000HP

Phew after that wall of text, onto the strategies!

Minimum HP:
3800 (Left), 4900. (Right) You might be able to try earlier though it’ll be risky.

Recommended Party:
Anyone who can deal 10k+ all the time. Everything else is secondary.

Party Strat: As stated before, just get someone who can do 10k+ constantly to clear the bombs, everything else is secondary. Basically all you do is just bash it ’til it dies. The bomb clearer has to keep the bombs near Pianus cleared, the ones at the back really don’t matter. I recommend keeping any bombs to the right or left of the portal cleared. (whichever side Pianus is on)

Hero: Piece of cake, put your buffs on and brandish away!

Paladin: Also easy, Pianus is weak to fire, so be sure to use that. If you have ACB and Holy Charge maxed, use that to clear the bombs (you may want to check your damage range to make sure you can clear them though, it’s about 2.2k minimum from memory). If you don’t have ACB or Holy charge, use Ice Charge and Blast. If you still can’t one-hit the bombs constantly (you really should) see below.

Bonus – White Knight: Not really too relevant anymore, but prior to 4th job, this was one of my favourite things to do in Maple. Soloing Pianus as a WK is a lot more difficult than most bosses are now and required me to create a little trick of my own. Since your strength is considerably lower at this point, one-hitting the bombs without an apple is really just not an option. The way I went about it is I’d charge up Ice, walk into a bomb, and just as I bump it I’d release Charged Blow. If you time it right, you’ll clear the bombs without getting hit. Good luck!

Dark Knight:
Same as Hero really, go ahead and Berserk if you’re feeling brave. =). Oh, until higher levels, Spear Crusher is a must. Polearmers will probably have to berserk until high levels.

Night Lord: By the time you meet the minimum HP requirement, you can probably one-hit the bombs at a very high rate. Use an apple if you’re worried about not 100% one-hitting the bombs. Not much else to say here, just fire away and watch the big ugly brute die!

I can think of a few ways of handling this, the obvious and fastest method is bombing it. But unless your avoid is ridiculous or you have some ungodly amount of HP, this probably isn’t the best method. A better way to go about it is just the simple tanking method, the bombs shouldn’t be an issue with Boomerang Step. If you’re especially skilled, using BS at the right time can allow you to completely avoid Pianus’ attacks!

F/P Arch Mage:
Simple, as long as you can do 10k, just spam paralyze ’til it dies. Only use Elquines if it does 10k+ 100% of the time.

I/L Arch Mage: Chain lightning, Chain lightning, Chain lightning… The bombs are immune to lightning so don’t worry about them popping, if they are getting in the way one quick Blizz will take care of that =).

Bishop: Um, Genesis? Angel Ray? Will take a while…

Bowmaster: This one takes a bit of awareness, learn to recognise when Pianus is about to summon bombs (really wont take long). Spam your Hurricane, but as soon as it goes to summon bombs. Switch to strafe until all bombs in the way are gone. Rinse, repeat, done. You can also use Phoenix, as the bombs are immune to fire.

Marksman: Strafeeeeeeee, and I don’t recommend using Frostprey as it’ll set off the bombs. Really the hard bit is getting the HP.

Pirates: Coming soon.

One other lil tip: If you don’t kill the bombs in the back, the bomb spawn will max out pretty quickly, Pianus will still try to summon bombs, but none will spawn. Be aware that this is dependent on the number of people in the room at the time. For one person, the spawn will max within 5-10 minutes.

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