Papulatus is quite an old boss these days, and is one that is extremely difficult quite easy. Located deep in the Ludibrium clock tower, it is only accessible after completing a rather long and tedious quest.

First of all, let’s have a look at what Papulatus is capable of. The fight progresses in two stages. (three really, though the first hardly counts) The bulk of the fight consists of the Papulatus Clock itself. This phase of Papulatus has a wide variety of the usual abilities. It has the obvious direct damage magic attacks dealing around 1,800 damage. HP1/MP1 is a given, however it is somewhat different in Papulatus’ case, after casting HP1/MP1, Papulatus will retreat into its… shell? Where it’ll avoid all attacks for about 5 seconds. It also has dispel, slow, attack buffs and can summon two types of bombs. The bombs look identical, but there are the top and bottom variants, which are summoned on the top and bottom platforms. (who’d have thought?) Papulatus also regularly heals itself and everything around it for about 20k or something, it barely matters anyway. Finally, it deals around 3,100 touch damage.

The second phase of the fight is Papulatus. (minus the clock) This part is short, sweet, and for some, scary. Papulatus will fly around very quickly, dealing around 5,000 touch damage. It has no other attacks.

The first part has 23,000,000HP. The second has a mere 1,590,000HP

Now, onto the strategy.

Minimum HP: 3,200 (4,100 strongly recommended)

For a lower leveled party, this can be a hectic fight. But for most higher leveled parties… blink and you’ll miss the entire fight. Firstly, the recommended party is the usual Priest/Bishop + Dragon/Dark knight + anything else combination.

Before anything, at least someone should have a “piece of cracked dimension” which you recieve during the Papulatus quest. Organise your party and enter Papulatus’ chamber. Drop the piece of cracked dimension over on the right platform. (you’ll be able to the gap in the background) Wait a few seconds, if it doesn’t work, pick it up and move slightly, it can be quite stubborn sometimes.

Once that’s done, the time sphere will activate in the centre of the room. When you’re ready, attack the sphere and from its death spawns… *gasp* Papulatus!

If there is a 4th job warrior in your party, don’t attack it straight away. Let the warrior rush Papulatus to the far left corner where it’ll be much easier to deal with.

Warriors should stand on the top left platform (assuming Papulatus has been rushed to the left) and use whatever their strongest skill is. Ranged classes should be at the limit of their range, standing as far back while still hitting. The very beginning of the fight is simple enough, but before long Papulatus will begin summoning bombs.

As previously mentioned, there are two types of bombs, the bottom bombs can move around and detonate automatically, dealing around 3,000 damage. (4,000 buffed) The top bombs are spawned on the platforms and do not move, however they have a far more respectable 8,000ish damage. They automatically detonate as well.

Another note for Warriors, standing up on the top platform means you avoid being dispelled, as for whatever reason, it only affects those on the bottom. Speaking of dispel, Mages and Bishops, watch out for it, as it’s likely the only reason you’ll die here.

After a while, Papulatus will fall, (it wasn’t that hard now was it?) and from its corpse will arise… Papulatus, minus the clock part at any rate. This part of the fight is incredibly simple and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. Simply attack it if you can take a hit. One note for those who don’t have the sufficient HP, if you duck, Papulatus will never hit you.

Before long, Papulatus will die, and from it’s corpse will arise, or fall more rather, a ton (hopefully) of drops!

And that’s it. Happy hunting!

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