Horntail is a monstrous dragon and one of the most powerful bosses in Maplestory, it is easily capable of crushing unprepared parties. Though with a properly prepared and organised party it is not nearly as difficult as it looks.

Boss info: The Horntail fight occurs in three stages, though the third stage consists of many parts of its own. The first two stages are the preliminary heads, pretty easy honestly though stage two is irritating for warriors. The third part is the real thing, far far harder than the prelims. As this is a major boss the guide will be split into various segments, starting with pre-stage one.

The main body is comprised of several parts, which need to be defeated in a certain order. The first part is the legs, which have rather high touch damage (around 14,000) and two kinds of stomp. The first kind is a super knock back attack, the second type is a stun attack. They both deal the same damage. around 7700 unbuffed and 9800 buffed.

Second part is the tail, which has an absolutely insane touch damage (over 30,000 when buffed) it also has a poison gas attack, which honestly you can just ignore.

Third part is the wings, which summon cornians occasionally, but the main worry about this part is the attack buff it gives every other part. Once the wings die, its fairly smooth for the rest of the fight.

Fourth and Fifth parts are the left/right heads, completely identical to the preliminary heads, minus the super knockback.

Sixth part is the middle head, almost identical to the left and right ones except with more HP. It also casts full map dispel at 50% HP.

Seventh and Eighth parts are the left and right arms. These will cast status effects throughout the whole fight, but their more annoying trait is the mana burn skill. Which deals 1 damage, but burns around 2000 MP. They also cast mass seduce at 50% HP, which seduces the first 10 people to sign up. (Or the first 10 still alive based on sign up order, to be more specific)

Total HP: 2,080,000,000
Total HP (incl. Pre-lims): 2,740,000,000

And now the guide really begins!

Pre-Stage one.
(Mainly for the organisers.)

Before you even enter the cave, organise your party at the sign ups to sign up and enter in the following order.

Seduce Mule (Usually a shadower or warrior.)
Back up seduce mules (Shad/warriors)
Mages (NOT Bishops)
Attacker classes

Entry order only applies to stage one, the seduce order for stage one remains constant throughout all three stages.

Okaaay, onto stage one!

Stage one.

Horntails Left Head: 330,000,000

Minimum HP: 5500.

Upon entry, DO NOT MOVE, wait until everyone has entered. The seduce mule will go right and hang on the rope. At this cue, Horntail will arise from its shiny blue cave. This stage is honestly a joke, just keep hitting ’til it dies. For more in-depth class specific tips, see the pre-lim solo guide.

All this head will do is weapon/magic defence up, summon wyverns (infrequent) and do its super knockback breath attack. About the only thing to watch out for is the black wyverns which will cast dispel.

Stage two.

Horntails Right Head: 330,000,000

Minimum HP: 5500.

Basically identical to stage one, except the heads on the other side. This stage is more irritating for melee classes, especially warriors as the rush trick wont work here. The seduce mule should hang near the top of the rope closest to entry, you’ll likely fall off a couple of times though. Simply call out “sed” to inform your bishops when you are seduced. Isn’t a big worry at this stage though.

Pre-Stage three.

Upon entering the true horntail cave, you may notice a shiny purple crystal on the right. DONT touch it, after a few hits it will break, summoning horntail in all his fury. Prior to breaking the crystal, it’s safe to take a break here. Most parties will stop for 5-10 minutes before proceeding. Before summoning, the organiser will most likely have split the parties up. Ranged on right, melee on left.

Stage three. (1)

Horntails Legs: 130,000,000
Horntails Tail: 70,000,000

Minimum HP: 9800 (Melee) 7900 (Ranged)

This stage is split into melee and ranged parties.

Melee: You’ll be on the left with the seduce party, your role here is to attack the legs and simply, survive.

Ranged: You’ll be on the right under the falling rocks. DO NOT bump the tail, it will hit for an absurd amount of damage which no character in maple is likely to survive. Stay under the rocks and attack the tail. With apples and sharp eyes it should fall fairly quickly.

Seduce: Stay on the left side and hang on the rope, if you are on a rope when seduced you will not move anywhere. If the seduce falls off the rope and ends up in the body, the seduce bishops should only pursue if the tail is dead.

Stage three. (2)

Horntails Wings: 270,000,000

Seduce: Move to the right side and hang on the rope there, extra seducers may attack the wings.

Everyone else: Pretty much just stand on the platform and attack the wings.

Stage three. (3)

Horntails Right Head: 330,000,000

Seduce: Move back to the left side and hang on the rope. Extra seducers now have the added role of clearing the wyverns that will spawn. Get comfy, you guys will be here until the last stage.

Everyone else: I’m sure you’ve got it worked out now, just bash the head ’til it dies. It’ll summon different colour wyverns based on its hp. Red means it’s around 75%, Blue 50% and Black 25-30%. As with all the other black wyverns, these can also dispel.
Note: If you’re using any HP gear to the meet the 7900 minimum, it is safe to replace it with stronger gear now.

Stage three. (4)

Horntails Left Head: 330,000,000

Identical to the previous stage. Sure does take a while though…

Stage three. (5)

Horntails Middle Head: 490,000,000

Unlike this past two stages, this one is slightly different. Obviously is has another 160M HP, but at 50% HP, it also casts full map dispel, affecting everyone. Thankfully, this is infrequent. Aside from that, identical to the past two heads.

Stage three. (6)

Horntails Left Hand: 230,000,000
Horntails Right Hand: 230,000,000

Congratulations, if you’ve made it this far, you’ve got a 99.99% chance of making it to the end! Since the hands only have mana burn (which deals 1 damage) your only threat is the falling rocks + seduce. Whichever party has the organiser in it will probably kill one hand (either one) while everyone else kills the other. This is for 2x drop purposes only.

Remember when it dies, be nice and do what your organiser says. Horntail groups don’t take kindly to looters.

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  • Hi the above was nicely explain, however as an organizer where should we book the time slot for Horntail.

  • Forums (such as sleepywood.net) would be a good place to start, or simply speak to other running guilds to determine when the cave will be available.

  • htNOOB:

    hey nice guide, thanks… it explained alot

    (I went HT like 6 times already, after reading this now it makes sense what i saw inside lol)

  • Thanks, glad I could help. :)

  • Dawn:

    Any helpful tips on what NLS should prepare/bring before entering HT?

  • The usual set up for every other boss, namely a sizable amount of ginger ales (300 should be plenty for an average squad) a handful of all cures and summoning rocks. The stars you use for training should be more than enough. Your squad leader will probably give you an apple prior to summoning the full body, but bringing a few of your own can be helpful in certain situations, say like half the squad dies. Just be sure you can reach the minimum hp and everything else should be fine.

  • battlemage:

    you really do know your stuff haha. Horntail really does need an organized party though, i just cant stress that enough. People try to go in there with an amateur party and only make it to stage two >_>. either way, pink bean pwns horntail and just about kick every single maplers ass lol.

  • Smace:

    Mine too, hence the lack of a Pink Bean guide =P

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