Black Crow


The scourge of Himes (Dreamy Ghosts), Black Crow, is an annoying thing to take down. Not only does he move damn fast, but he attacks just as quickly. To make things worse, you have to fight him in a virtual sea of Himes, never good.
But! Like all bosses in MapleStory, there’s always a way to defeat them.

First let’s take a look at what we’re up against. Black Crow has a respectable 35,000,000HP, deals approx. 8000 damage (touch and magic) and for all you Paladins and I/L Mages out there, he’s weak to lightning. He has two “magic” attacks which both do nothing aside from hurt. Oh, he also has pathetically low knock-back.

Minimum HP:
Melee – 9000, Ranged – If you can take a Hime hit, you can survive.

Universal Solo Strat: This thing is honestly a pain to solo no matter what class you are, and results in little more than a pot-burning money-wasting marathon. Duoing with a Cleric/Priest/Bishop however is much more feasible. Read on…

Party Strat: What you’ll need – 1 Cleric/Priest/Bishop as long as they can take a Hime hit, 1 Bowmaster/Night Lord (not required, but it helps) and any other class to deal damage.

This fight can be extremely hard or absurdly easy depending on how you tackle it. Obviously, I’ll be telling you the easy option. (unless of course, you feel like using 1000 pots…) First things first, the Cleric/Priest/Bishop should enter the map and hit all the Himes once (so they follow him/her) while avoiding the Crow. They should then teleport away and remove their weapon, so heal wont affect the Himes. This isn’t necessary but removes the need to re-do this first step.

Doing this clears the battlefield in preparation for the second phase.

Second step is incredibly difficult! All the damage dealers need to either corner or pincer the Crow and spam their strongest attack skills. Oh wait, that’s not real hard at all, uh anyway. Soon enough, it’ll fall and you’ll be rewarded with…! most likely nothing, but it’s good enough exp.

Good luck and enjoy!

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