Balrog Expedition

The Balrog Expedition is a rather easy boss fight intended for low levels, with a few twists. You can begin the battle by speaking to Mu Young at the bottom of the Sleepywood dungeon, while in a Balrog Expedition party.

First and foremost, if you fight him before level 70, it will appear to be like any other boss fight. But if you happen to fight him past 70, you’ll notice that none of your 3rd or 4th job skills work in here (except passives, surprisingly). You’ll also have your stats and damage heavily reduced if you are past 70, so its measly hit point count is actually larger than it would first appear. Also you have a time limit of only 20 minutes, which can cut it rather close for some classes.

But enough of that, onto the fight itself.


Balrog: 4,280,000HP

Right Hand: 3,060,000HP

Left Hand: 2,640,000HP

Minimum HP: Irrelevant, you have little chance of dying except from damage reflect.


During the beginning of this fight, you may notice the hp bar isn’t moving, don’t worry, this is intentional. You cannot actually damage Balrog until the timer reaches about 17:00, he will say something and the left hand will activate, you can damage him after that. But just because you can’t damage him, don’t stop attacking! If you do too little damage before 17:00, Mu Young will kick you out claiming you are far too weak.

Balrog has a few attacks that are your standard fare for bosses. The right hand has a lightning based magic attack, the left has ice. Balrog himself has a fire based full screen attack, a weak purple fang attack and 1/1 (reduces hp and mp to 1, the attack looks like falling rib cages). Begin by attacking the right hand. After 17:00 you’ll be able to damage Balrog, continue to attack the right hand until it’s gets sealed away. Then do the same for the left hand. You have nothing to look out for except 1/1 at this stage.

Every now and then, Balrog will seal himself away to recover. You cannot damage Balrog himself during this, though you can still damage the hands. There are 3 pedestals around the map, one of them will glow purple when he seals away. Hit it a few times to unseal him, if you don’t do this in time Balrog will recover a large amount of HP.

After the left hand dies, move up to the top left platform and begin working on Balrog himself. 1/1 attacks will no longer hit you up here, so you will only have to deal with his very weak fire and fang attacks.

When Balrog reaches 50% hp (or 25% of the top hp bar remaining) he will begin to use damage reflect, slow down your attacks when the top hp bar reaches 25%. Take note of the timer, damage reflect has a 60 second cooldown, so if he casts damage reflect at 9:30, he will cast it again from 8:30~8:25. At about 15% total HP remaining, he will also cast zombify, with the same animation as damage reflect.

Lastly, he periodically summons Jr and Crimson Balrogs, though they are heavily weakened versions and almost not worth mentioning.

That’s about all there is to it, as long as you keep on top of damage reflect and don’t accidentally attack during it, you should be fine. Though Balrog’s damage reflect is quite weak, if you have a decent amount of HP it shouldn’t kill you even if you do slip up.

After it dies you’ll be taken to a “bonus” room. Attack the cracked gem in the middle to receive your drops and card! Unfortunately, with the exception of the rare Bain weapons, he has no worthwhile drops.

That’s all, good luck!

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  • w jiang:

    Thanks! Most helpful thing was knowing that 3rd and 4th job skills can’t be used. Couldn’t find a guide that says Balrog is immune until timer counts down to 17:00. And nice tip about handling Balrog when he’s sealed away.

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